I'm Liz or Lizzy, or some call me Flower! I married my best friend(seriously, we were best friends for a year until the day John told me he loved me and then we started dating and now are married)! I am a giddy, Jesus-loving, child-like, free spirit with a big big big(gut-punching all the grammar rules) heart for people! I am passionate about the stories they carry and artistically & honestly documenting those stories! You could probably see why being a wedding photographer is an absolute dream for me, right?

I am also a plant-fanatic(hellooo a bajillion plants in my home), adventure-seeker(want to go camping together?), and I am a huuuggeee sap (*all the tears over all things cute*). Weddings and elopements are the sweetest, most sacred adventure, full of plants and flowers, and they satisfy all the sap in my heart. Moral of the story: if you do decide to book me, know that you aren't just hiring a photographer, you are hiring a die-hard-fan of all things weddings/elopements/sap/lovey-dovey. 

I am also always up for a wild adventure!!!! Seriouslyyyy. I have photographed weddings + elopements in Sri Lanka, Isle of Man, Mexico, Canada, Yosemite, Big Sur, San Diego, San Francisco, Muir Woods, Portland/Oregon, Seattle/Washington, the Smokey Mountains, Minnesota, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, and Georgia!! Soooo you get what I am saying. I ammmm ready to go wherever you are to document the heck out of you and your person!!!



You’d never guess where John and I met…..a wedding. John happens to be a KILLER wedding videographer and we were both shooting a wedding one weekend and we became friends. A year after being best friends, John professed his love to me(in a canoe) and now here we are: married to our best friend and doing life together!!! IT IS SUCH A JOY. (You can read more about that over on the instagram HERE.)

John and I are biiiig hams. We once got a gym membership and ended up just using it to go in the hot-tub and float down the lazy river! hahahah, truuuee story. We love all things adventure(we want to go sky-diving and surfing sooo if you have done either, can we go together?) and travel!! We both ramble, make a lot of jokes, but alsoooo are ready to talk about the meaning of life and have heart conversations around bonfires or in living rooms.