Nathan & Hailey. These two humans are the most joyful and fun!! Their story is crazy wonderful and funl. Nathan is from the Midwest, Hailey is from Canada and they met on twitter because of Ben Rector's Six Flags contest and quickly became friends because of their mutual love for music, similar humor, thoughts about life, and their love for Jesus! After being friends through social media and sending each other their favorite music and many months of that, Nathan flew to Canada to meet Hailey for the first time face to face(hence why their session had to happen in a field with an airplane) and they adventured for six days in Canada, listening to Ben Rector(of course), and went from platonic friends to boyfriend & girlfriend(wooooooo)!! And now a little over a year later, they are engaged!! *All the joyful celebration here* 

Here are some images of our time together when we ran through fields(most they did) and laughed till tummies hurt. 




 For years I have had intentions of blogging on this little blog part of my website, but something seemed to always come up that kept me in the way of being able to act on those intentions. Here I am, leaving a season of hustle and busyness and entering into a season of rest which comes with having more space for things that I have been dreaming of doing for awhile(ex: blogging). While photos can tell the story on their own and they often speak louder than words, I believe when photos are matched with words then a story is able to be told with such fullness and this is what I desire. I desire to be a carrier & teller of stories, and I want to tell each story with deep honor because I think every person has a story that is worth telling. I want to use this space to tell the stories of wedding days and engagement seasons, yes. But I also want to use this space to tell stories of joy, grief, confusion, thoughtfulness, and life. 

  To start off this blog though, I want to share the story of one of the sweetest days of this year so far. This is the story of wandering around Point Reyes National Seashore with two of the most sincere and kindred souls, Ari and Adam. I just want to take a moment to speak encourage and truth about these two. These two met me and John, who came to film the engagement shoot, with outlandish kindness and hospitality. Within minutes of meeting, it felt like we were all old friends. Ari is one of the most vibrant, lively, and joyful souls and Adam is one of the most genuine and gentle humans, and together they make one heck of a team. The way they love each other is encouraging in itself, but they also both seek to love people well individually. I can't think of anyone else better to explore Point Reyes Nation Seashore with. We played around on the beach that was lined by rigged, beautiful cliffs covered in greenery and then wandered through trails surrounded by fields of golden goodness on the edge of rolling hills. My child-like heart was brought to life being there and document the way these two love one another. Here is the film, created by John of United Media Collection, and the photos from our time at their engagement session at the magical seashore.