F I L M 


U N I T E D  M E D I A  C O L L E C T I V E


While I know it may seem like it is last on your list, I truly believe that it should be top on your list. I promise it will be worth every penny. As a wedding photographer, I highly encourage each of my clients to book wedding videography. Photography is incredibly beautiful and is my art, but there is something lacking in photography that videography provides. Videography documents the motion and emotion of sincere moments in a way photography is unable to because film is the most true storytelling art available. It is most similar to our real life experiences. 

That's why I've partnered with John Stambaugh and his company United Media Collective so that my couples can have their story told to the fullest! Our styles are very similar in the way that we see life and people and document stories. Not only is he an incredible artist, but he is a rockstar of a human(but I may be bias because I am dating him;) surprise!!!). He will be joyful with you, ask you questions about your favorite movies, and tell your story in the most genuine way. 

Also, bonus!!!  We have discounted collections if you book us together (who doesn’t love a discount?!).  Check out their work here and read more on their website umcfilms.com!