I'm Liz or Lizzy, or some call me Flower! I am a giddy, child-like, overly-enthusiastic free spirit with a big big big(gut-punching all the grammar rules) heart for people, the stories they carry, and artistic documentation! You could probably see why being a wedding photographer is an absolute dream for me, right? Well, just wait...I am also a plant-fanatic(hello 21 plants in my room and counting), adventure-seeker(want to go camping together?), and a huuuggeee sap(*all the tears over all things cute*). Weddings and elopements are the sweetest, most sacred adventure, full of plants and flowers, and they satisfy all the sap in my heart. Moral of the story: if you do decide to book me, know that you aren't just hiring a photographer, you are hiring a die-hard-fan of all things weddings/elopements/sap/lovey-dovey. 

I love wild and fun adventures so let's have fun together!! Let's go hike, or kayak, or run around on a beach together while I document you and your sweet love!! I also love yummy food so maybe you and your person love tacos or ice-cream or picnics?! Let's go eat tacos and ice-cream together while I take photos!!! Ultimately, I want to have fun with you and make people feel like we are all old friends who are hanging out and doing life together!! 


I strive to see and photograph those little moments that would perhaps go unnoticed by others. My vision is to not only take beautiful photos, but more so, to photograph you, your celebration, and your story in the most sincere, authentic, and true way. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to tell yours. If you believe in artistic documentation, full to the brim with honesty and emotion, then we are probably a wonderful fit.  My work is filled with the philosophy that the glory of God and sweet truth of the Gospel is visible in and throughout all of creation. 


 I adore that my job allows me to celebrate with you and for you while helping   you savor your sweetest day for the rest of your life--through photos. I want to celebrate your love, life, and being! Because your story is so worth telling and celebrating.



a few things fun and important things about me:

+ i love Jesus a wholleeee dang lot. He is my J O Y !!!!!

+ traveling is one of my biggest passions. I love seeing new places and faces, experiencing other cultures, hearing stories and telling stories. I love the smells of different countries and the food that I sometimes love and sometimes hate. My current travel dreams are Thailand, Norway, New Zealand and Amsterdam! 

+ coffee shops are basically my second home and office. You can find me sitting at a coffee shop four or five times a week editing(heeelllooo consuming all the chai and cortados and pastries). 

+ my favorite food is tacos or indian food!!! *yum emoji here* 

+ if I had one super-power it would be to speak and understand every single language in the world because i want to talk to alllll the people. 

+ if you sit next to me on the airplane, we will be best friends by the end of it;)